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fb.20wks.JPGUpdate: February 8, 2017

The Pro Life Union of Greater Philadelphia is grateful for the passage of Senate Bill 3 which would update our Pennsylvania Abortion Law to reflect the reality of what we know about life in the womb.  The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the passage of the bill this afternoon.  Please visit the Pennsylvania Family Institute for more details.


Senate Bill 3 has been called "controversial," while Planned Parenthood has deemed the measure "dangerous."   Gov. Wolf has promised a veto. 

The reaction to the common sense bill once again illustrates that the abortion industry will oppose any restriction to abortion. Senate Bill 3 would update Pennsylvania's 30 year old abortion law and PA would join the many other states that limit abortion after the first twenty weeks. The US is one of only seven countries allowing abortion after 20 weeks.

Senate Bill 3 states "no person shall perform or induce an abortion upon another person when the gestational age of the unborn child is 20 or more weeks." (Please visit the Pa Senate and read the text of the bill.) Abortion is traumatic, and performing an abortion later in a pregnancy only adds to that trauma. We can do better than this for children and mothers.

The abortion industry hopes to frame discussion and debate about  "choice" and "women's rights," avoiding the reality of what abortion is - the destruction of a human life. What about the right to life of the unborn child? At any 20 week  ultrasound, a beautiful image can be seen of life within the womb. And, when women are facing a crisis pregnancy, they deserve the truth about the humanity of their unborn child, and the devastating impact abortion will have. When we encounter families facing a crisis pregnancy and concerns relating to the health of the mom or unborn baby, they need the love of family and friends, and the support of the medical community. Abortion is never the answer for a crisis. Abortion does not solve problems, it doesn't provide solutions. 

Please visit the Pennsylvania Family Institute and Pennsylvania Catholic Conference for more information. 

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