Thank them for standing for life

Yesterday, SB3 cleared Pennsylvania Senate. This legislation is a step forward in updating Pennsylvania's law to reflect what we know about fetal development.  Gov. Wolf has already promised a veto and the abortion industry is up in arms. But, look at this incredible footage which gives us an amazing window into the womb. Tragically, the abortion rights movement will continue to deny the humanity of a child in the womb. But, the truth is ending the life of a child at this stage is traumatic and cruel for both the mother and the child. 

The Senators who voted for SB3 to protect unborn children will be villified by abortion rights groups. But, they made the right choice for the state of Pennsylvania. They deserve our heartfelt thanks, our prayers, and encouargement. Abortion at 20 weeks is barbaric and wrong. If at twenty weeks into a pregnancy, a crisis develops for a family, whether that is emotional, financial, or medical, abortion is not the appropriate response. These women and families need the love of family and friends and the support of the medical community. Abortion doesn't solve problems. It simply creates new ones, and leaves families grieving. 

Please contact those Senators who voted yes on this legislation. 

The Pro Life Union thanks the Pennsylvania Family Institute, The PA Catholic Conference, and the PA Pro Life Federation for the tireless efforts!



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