Stories from the Sidewalk

Stories from the Sidewalk.... Dr. Monique Ruberu


I spoke to three young girls one recent beautiful morning as a Sidewalk Servant. Servants commit to offering resources to women outside of abortion centers. This morning I was at a Philadelphia abortion facility. 

I spoke to these women about the resources available to women considering abortion- housing, financial support, help with mentoring and community. I shared the fact that sadly many women choose abortion because they feel that they have no other option. Without support and financial assistance they take the advice of others who have convinced them that abortion is the easy way out.

Two of these beautiful women began sobbing. They regretted their decision so deeply, and knew nothing of this possible support. One said, "He would have been here now" I spoke to them about our amazing, loving forgiving God who would forgive if they desired forgiveness. We spoke about Rachel's Vineyard - a post abortion recovery program and they were happy to hear this program existed. 

Then we had a heartfelt discussion about how to make the decision to honor themselves. To call the men in their lives to a higher standard. The men in their lives could become the men God wants them to be, with their encouragement. 

I told them there is nothing in comparison to the beauty of giving and sharing yourself with your husband 100% in marriage. In marriage there is commitment, a willingness to serve each other and care for each other. And, in marriage children are a blessing.

We talked about the importance of filling ones holes with God.  I told them that they were each completely unique, completely beautiful, and they needed to be with people who loved and honored them... but first they had to find peace in themselves...

These young girls were so happy to speak, so eager to listen, so moved by the conversation. And, I was so blessed to be there and witness their pain, offer prayers for them and cover them with love. God willing we will continue to communicate -  please take a moment to pray for these girls and the many, many others just like them.

Join us in this work. Has your parish has reserved a day? If not, consider becoming a leader on behalf of your parish for 40days outreach. Sign up for the downtown Philadelphia (12th and locust, 777 Appletree) vigils at

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