Sidewalk Servants Program


Become better equipped to make a difference!   Get out in front of an abortion clinic to be, stand, witness, love, pray and help others see that a pregnant woman carries inside her body a human baby boy or girl worth everything.  

Watch our educational Sidewalk Servant Quick Start video series of episodes in order:

Episode 1: Setting the Scene

Episode 2: The Abortion Industry

Episode 3: The Sidewalk Servant

Episode 4: Common Objections

Episode 5: A Peaceful Presence

Episode 6: A Prayer Advocate

Episode 7: The Sidewalk Counselor

Episode 8: Empathy and Truth

Epilogue: Now What?

To communicate the importance of human life in your local community, visit the 40 Days for Life website for additional resources.

Please consider contributing toward The Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia's ongoing efforts with outreach. Click here to donate and learn how your financial gift will impact numerous lives.

The Pro-Life Union has embarked on a project to ensure an ongoing presence at local abortion facilities. We invite your community members to join the pro-life movement by giving their time as a Sidewalk Servant. Our goal is to ensure that during the morning hours, someone is present to offer resources and to pray as women enter abortion facilities.  Sidewalk Servants commit to one hour of service, weekly or monthly.

If you are hesitant to commit to this effort, please know that we understand. This activity can be overwhelming.   People wonder what they are to say and how to direct the women they see outside. The Pro-Life Union offers sidewalk counseling training sessions, creates resources and has them available for distribution, and has trained volunteer counselors that can accompany you during your time outside the abortion clinic.

Please contact us to learn more or sign up!

Center City Philadelphia Abortion Facilities

Planned Parenthood, 12th and Locust St Philadelphia

Philadelphia Women’s Center, 777 Appletree St Philadelphia


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