Never be silent

ultrasound1.JPGYesterday marked the infamous anniversary of the legalization of abortion on January 22, 1973.  Our country remains deeply divided. That division was seen clearly at Saturday's Women's March.

The organizers and many participants in the Women’s March this past weekend, insist that abortion and “reproductive rights,” are fundamental to women’s rights. One wonders, as they marched through the streets of DC and Philadelphia, with their lattes in hand, and newly knitted hats, do they even understand the reality of abortion in America?

The reality is that over 55 million children have been aborted, their mothers were left traumatized, not empowered.  In Pennsylvania the statistics are pretty grim - there were 31,818 abortions in 2015.  And, as one mom recently told us, "everyone was against me having the baby."

The reality is that a lack of support from a partner, or family members, financial concerns and housing issues are the driving factors in abortion decisions. Too many women in this country have buckled under the pressure and are left to mourn their child in silence because the media, the abortion industry and most tragically other women, deny that abortion destroys lives and breaks hearts. Abortion is rarely a completely free choice and it will never, ever be a “right” deserving of protection.

Amidst this reality, miracles and amazing stories abound.  When the humanity of the unborn is revealed and the damaging effects of abortion are shown to mothers, hearts can be changed. When the pro-life community comes together to give women the help they need and want, lives are saved. We hear the changes in women's voices in our conversations at clinics and on the hotline. As the truth is shared, fear subsides and hope grows. And, when we as a culture celebrate life recognizing it for the gift it truly is, women are free to make the choice for life.

The abortion industry and the purveyors of the culture of death hope that the seemingly insurmountable numbers will keep us quiet. However, as the pro-life movement has proved, we will never be silent. Every one of us has an obligation to speak and act in defense of the unborn and on behalf of the gift of life.  We cannot allow the darkness of the culture of death to stand unchallenged. We can all do something to end abortion.  So, today, offer a prayer for the unborn and their mothers. Commit to speaking in defense of those who have no voice. Visit our website to learn more. or

If you have experienced the trauma of abortion, please know there is help!


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