Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood and God’s Plan - by Jenny Galiani and Maria Malone

     Two words: Mother’s Day.  For years, these words stung.  We had gone from longing for the day that we’d be mothers to wondering if it would ever happen for us.  While our closest friends, brothers and sisters were having children all around us, we became “professional” baby shower goers.  We had perfected the art of oohing and aahing over all the baby clothes being held up and as we poked our heads in many a beautifully decorated baby’s bedroom, we fought back the tears.  We struggled silently in our hearts, in our relationships with our husbands, and mostly wondered why God was denying us motherhood.   Yet, we wanted to trust that He had our best interest at heart.  They were difficult days.  

        And then one day, God whispered His plan to us.  I take that back, perhaps it wasn’t a whisper, it was more like God on a megaphone speaking to our hearts.  So, we began investigating adoption.  It seemed so obvious all of a sudden.  However, not until we held our first born, did it really click…GOD HAD A PLAN, a beautiful plan!  And not just for us, but for our sons and daughters, our birth parents and extended families.  Our children are nothing short of miracles, like every mother believes about their children.  But, as adoptive mothers, we feel there are greater bragging rights about how incredible our children are… because of the way they came to us!  God handpicked each one of them to be a part of our families and He used some very special people, our children’s birth mothers and birth fathers, to make our dream of motherhood come true!

    The gift of adoption is an incredible triad of love, reflecting similarly that of God’s love; the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  The adoption triad consists of the birth parents, adoptive parents and the blessed child.  And, that child is the recipient of all of it!  So much love!  It is love that brings us all together.  

     The birth parents love their children so much that they choose life and try to find a better life for them than they are able to give. The adoptive family comes with all of their “blind faith” love, the kind God taught us to have.  And the child… well the child receives all the love and GIVES so much love back to us!

      As adoptive mothers of 7 children (Maria has 3 and Jenny has 4), we have been abundantly blessed.  Our gratitude fuels our passion to share our stories of adoption with othersespecially our young people.  Our hope is to change hearts and minds, to show that abortion is not the only option for unexpected and unplanned pregnancies where parenting isn’t an option.  We long to show others how adoption is not just another option, but an incredibly loving option.  

        So, this Mother’s Day, we are, as always, most grateful for the real heroes of our lives, our birth mothers, for choosing life, for choosing us to be the mothers of their children, for giving us the gift of motherhood.

Mother’s Day: two words that used to sting.  Today, there are four words that we can never hear enough of, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”  


Jenny Galiani and Maria Malone are parishioners of Mary Mother of the Redeemer Church, supporters of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia and the founders of “Adoption is a loving option. Thisorganization seeks to give a voice to unborn children through adoption education.  The Pro-Life Union is grateful for their efforts and blessed by our partnership with them!  Visit www.adoptionisalovingoption.org

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