The Pro-Life Union unites organizations that share our mission of fostering a cohesive vision and strategy for a Culture of Life, and which share our belief statements. We offer organizational membership to groups seeking to partake in that cohesive vision and strategy.

To apply for organizational membership, access this form version of the application, obtain approval from your organization's board and leadership, submit the completed application by postal mail or email to Tom Stevens, President and CEO.


Benefits of Organizational Membership


  1. Your organization will gain greater understanding of the obstacles to our building a Culture of Life in Greater Philadelphia.
  2. Your organization will have a part in building a cohesive and comprehensive strategy on specific targeted issues that will be supported by all member organizations (as well as individual members).
  3. Your organization will participate in an annual “Town Hall Meeting” that will gather the insights, hope, and concerns of organization leaders which will in turn be used to set the goals for the priority areas for the Pro-Life Union (Outreach, Education, Public Policy and Alternatives).
  4. Your organization will be a part of the “pro-life community” meeting the “total” needs of women who are in need and presenting themselves to us.


  1. Your organization will be involved in the strategic development of a calendar for all of the “events” and “fundraisers” of other member organizations to prevent conflicts and build possible alliances.
  2. Your organization's events will be promoted through the Pro-Life Union newsletter and social media.
  3. Your organization will have the opportunity to grow in understanding various issues confronting other pro-life groups in the Greater Philadelphia area and gain clarity of their roles and missions, becoming aware of area for collaboration and partnership.
  4. Your organization will have access to the Pro-Life Union as a “clearinghouse” for people who want to volunteer or provide resources (donations) and in-kind services to organizations who support our mission and beliefs.
  5. Your organization will be able to have a display table at Stand Up for Life Dinner, be mentioned in our Program Book and become a source of recommendations for award recipients.
  6. The Pro-Life Union will work toward providing your organization the services of a full time development staff to assist in raising funds for your mission.


Current Member Organizations

Adoption is a Loving Option

Adoption is a Loving Option's mission is to make a difference by educating youth about the positive options for facing unplanned pregnancies.  By sharing their personal stories on adoption, they give a voice and a face to unborn children.  By educating youth and young adults on adoption, they empower them to speak up against abortion, support adoption as a better choice and understand more options if faced with an unplanned pregnancy.



AlphaCare is an outreach of the Christian community to those in physical, social and spiritual need due to pregnancy.  Their desire is to demonstrate Christ’s love to those they serve by providing compassionate alternatives to abortion and the life skills necessary for well-being.  They do so by providing social services, medical referrals and education to women and their families.


Chester County Pro-Life Coalition

Chester County Pro-Life Coalition's mission is to promote respect and protection for all human life by informing and educating the people of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  They do this through the publication of newsletters, organizing regular public witnesses, participating in public events, providing financial support to "Youth for Life" and West Chester University "Students for Life," communicating with local legislators, providing support for local alternatives agencies and maintaining a large selection of pro-life literature and materials.

Couple to Couple League (CCL of Southeast PA, Local Chapter #946)

The mission of CCL is to build joyful marriages by teaching natural family planning, couple to couple.  Our vision for achieving this mission includes shaping a culture of love and life by:

  • Increasing the virtuous use of natural family planning
  • Protecting marriage
  • Increasing the number of lifelong and joyful marriages
  • Promoting sexual virtues

Couple to Couple League believes learning and practicing NFP helps couples learn how to love one another fully and unselfishly.  This translates into happy, stable marriages and families, open to life and sexual virtue.  Simply put, they want to help couples Live the Love they are called by God to experience as husband and wife.

The Culture Project

The Culture Project International is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture by proclaiming the dignity of the human person and the richness of living sexual integrity.  Their missionaries are formed, trained, and sent out on mission teams to serve local communities on an international scale, delivering presentations to young people in schools, conferences, and parishes, as well as engaging culture through friendship and conversion. They challenge the status quo by inviting young people to reclaim a life of virtue, thereby promoting a culture fully alive.


Every Good Gift

The mission of Every Good Gift is to share the love of Christ with vulnerable women in a safe environment that nurtures healthy job, life, and relationship skills while creating quality products for customers.  


40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families.  It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion.  It draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program: Prayer and Fasting, Constant Vigil and Community Outreach.


Friends of FertilityCare

The Friends of FertilityCare Philadelphia are a group of healthcare professionals and members of our community who wish to promote effective, integrated healthcare for women and couples.  To that end, the Friends of FertilityCare are dedicated to making Creighton Model FertilityCare services and NaPro Technology known, respected and applied throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.


The Gianna Center of Philadelphia

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia is dedicated to providing general gynecologic care, natural family planning education and infertility services - all while honoring the sanctity of human life, the dignity of women and the integrity of marriage. All medical treatments are aimed at restoring the reproductive system and working cooperatively with a woman's body.


The King's Men

The mission statement of The King's Men reads, "Under Christ the King's universal call to serve, we as men pledge to unite and build up other men in the mod of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation, healing and action."  They accomplish this with a community presence, talks and seminars and "Into the Wild" retreats, outdoor, skill-oriented weekends providing men with experiences linked to a man's natural vocation of leader, protector, and provider.


Knights of Columbus- Philadelphia Area Councils

The Knights of Columbus base their good work on four core principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  Members of the Knights of Columbus show love for their neighbors by conducting food drives and donating the food to local soup kitchens and food pantries, but volunteering at Special Olympics, and by supporting, both spiritually and materially, mothers who choose life for their babies.

  • #1333 Monsignor Schuyler Council (West Chester, PA)
  • #7515 St. John the Evangelist Council (Morrisville, PA)
  • #11013 Father McCafferty Council (Yardley, PA) 


Mother's Home

Mother's Home provides a safe haven for vulnerable pregnant women in crisis who choose life as a sacred gift.  They encourage mothers to celebrate the joy of new life and help them to prepare for their and their child's future.


Our Lady's House

Our Lady's House is a pregnancy home founded by Pat and Wendy Stanton which provides shelter for women and children in Montgomery County.  They have served women and families for over 20 years.


Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network upholds human dignity through service to the medically vulnerable.  They express this mission by affirming essential qualities of human dignity from a patient-centered perspective, which include the right to food and water, the presumption of the will to live, due process rights for those facing denial of care, protection from euthanasia as a form of medicine, and access to rehabilitative care.


Life Runners- Philadelphia Chapter

Pray and Run/Walk as a Team until we Cross the finishline that ends abortion. Heb 12:1-2. Sharon Skeel, local contact.

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