Straight Answers as to Why the Abortion Rate is Falling

Here are words that I never thought I might never read in a major publication...  "First, the pro-life movement really does seem to have changed American minds about the morality of abortion."

The Atlantic's Senior Editor David Frum penned this sentence in his thought-provoking article "Why Is the Abortion Rate Falling?"  The sub-headline of the story reads, "Ironically, the socially conservative pro-life movement has made its peace with unwed parenthood as an alternative to abortion." 

Moreover, Frum exposed a fallacy about birth control by noting that there's "scant evidence" that better "access to and use of birth control may be the reason" for lower abortion rates.  "At any given moment nearly 40 percent of women are using no birth-control method at all. Almost half of all American pregnancies are unintended," Frum added.

But changes in cultural mores have affected abortion rates, according to Frum.  After noting the passing of the shotgun wedding as a solution to unplanned pregnancy, Frum noted how the order of choices as solutions to unplanned pregnancies were "abortion, single parenthood, shotgun wedding, and adoption" when abortion rates spiked between 1975 and 1990.  As fewer people among the less affluent marry today, Frum wrote, "The order of choices in the face of an unexpected pregnancy has thus shifted again: single parenthood, abortion, shotgun wedding, and adoption."

Frum went on to suggest that conservatives need to find more creative ways to balance compassion for people in single-parenting situations with promotion of the importance of marriage and two-parent families.  He offered plenty to ponder.


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