Second Thoughts on David Frum's Opinion Expressed in Post Below

In case anyone has issues with -- or was left a bit befuddled as I was -- by The Atlantic opinion piece that I posted below, you will be happy to read "The Right to Life and a Culture of Marriage," by Ryan T. Anderson and Sarah Torre published on National Review today.

Anderson and Torre disagree with The Atlantic's David Frum.  They write:

"There’s nothing ironic here. From the beginning, the pro-life movement has been about assisting women in crisis pregnancies. The movement that launched crisis-pregnancy centers, the Sisters of Life, and so many other organizations to help house, feed, clothe, and care for expecting mothers has always viewed unwed motherhood as vastly superior to abortion." 

These writers proceed to offer many reasons, including government policies, that contributed to the rise in single parenting.

This one's definitely worth a read. 




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