Listening to their stories

On this beautiful, warm Monday morning we had the opportunity to talk with women as they entered Planned Parenthood in Center City. The hustle and bustle of City was the background to quiet conversations about life and choices.  Nearly every woman happily took the card explaining fetal development and many were open to talking with us for a few minutes. Women shared their reasons for visiting, most are unaware that over 5,000 abortions are performed there each year.  Inevitably, they grimace when we share this truth.

One young woman shared the problems caused by the birth control she had been using, which included panic attacks and depression. She welled up as we confirmed that others experienced  the same side effects.  Planned Parenthood promises easy access to birth control and abortion. They sell sex without commitment and convince too many that there won't be any side effects.  But, when we listen to the experience of many women another story is told, one of regret and pain.  And, so we pray and we witness and listen, trusting that by doing so, their lives and ours, can be transformed. 

We invite you to join us as we continue to expand our outreach to women! 


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