Landmark Giving

Our mission is sustained by the donors who contribute regularly to foster a Culture of Life across Greater Philadelphia, but there are many areas were our work can be transformed and lives changed for the better thanks to donors who plan significant, historic gifts. We can show a prospective major gift donor how his or her gift to the Pro-Life Union will make advance our mission and improve lives. If you have interest in planned giving, please contact our office.


John & Harriet Stanton Culture of Life Endowment Fund

The Pro-Life Union's mission is supported by annual operational grants from the John & Harriet Stanton Culture of Life Endowment Fund, which is permanently endowed with the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. John and Harriet Stanton, founders of the Pro-Life Union, are honored through this fund, while the fund itself ensures their life's work continues for generations to come. This is the best way to make a permanent gift that will have an annual impact into perpetuity. Give now.


Matching Gifts

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Pro-Life Union is eligible to receive corporate matching gift funds. If your company has a matching gift program, consider making a matching gift in coordination with your company. It’s a simple process. Matching gifts are a unique way for you to double your gift and double its impact.


Planned Gifts & Bequests

A bequest to the Pro-Life Union is a noble and lasting gift. Many of our long-term supporters have chosen to remember us in their final planning, and our mission has grown considerably through both expected and unexpected remembrances like these.

There are many ways to contribute to the Pro-Life Union and support its mission for the future. In addition to cash, checks, securities, bequests, gifts of personal property, or real estate, insurance policies can be changed to make the Pro-Life Union a beneficiary. Charitable Remainder Trusts, Lead Trusts, and annuities are among the many financial instruments that can be used in a way that is advantageous for the donor as well as the charity. We recommend you see your financial consultant or planner to explore the opportunities that making a planned gift might offer you.


Gifts of Stock

The Pro-Life Union can accept gifts of stock. Those with securities may carefully consider the tax advantage of gifting stock to the Pro-Life Union. One can deduct the fully appreciated amount of the gift and avoid paying for capital gains by giving shares to the Pro-Life Union or any charitable organization. The Pro-Life Union receives the full value of the appreciated securities.

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