After Texas

There has been a great deal of coverage after yesterday’s ruling from the Supreme Court on the Texas law placing common sense restrictions on abortion facilities.  While the decision was not a surprise, it is a tragedy and the disturbing reactions from abortion supporters is revealing, with the Daily Show sending out this now infamous Tweet:Capture.JPG

The Texas Law was created to protect women and children from the abortion industry. Requiring admitting privileges at a nearby hospitals for abortionists is not an extreme measure, but that requirement alone shut down 21 facilities in Texas.  What does that say about the abortion industry? Oversight is needed but this decision will allow the industry to continue to defy reasonable and necessary regulation.

In Pennsylvania we understand all too well that the abortion industry will do anything to stay in business. Here are just a few points regarding the abortion industry in PA.

  • Abortion is not rare, in our State in 2014 over 32,000 abortions were performed. 
  • Local abortion facilities have been cited for violations

The most infuriating part of the decision is the Court's reference to the “right to abortion.” There is no right to abortion because “the procedure” takes the life of unborn child. There is no basis in the moral, natural or US law for denying the humanity of the unborn child. Legal abortion allows an industry built on fear and exploitation to thrive, while women are harmed.

Those of us who respect life, work for the day when the Court and our society once again recognize the humanity of the unborn child and the child is thus guaranteed the right to Life. 

But until that day our hands are not tied, our freedom to speak in defense of the children at risk remains guaranteed.  And, we can support the women who choose Life for their children - women like those we serve at Guiding Star or meet through our HotlineConsider joining us on July 16th from 7:30-8:30am at Planned Parenthood in Center City for prayer and witness.

This fall another 40 Days for Life Campaign will kick off and you'll have the opportunity to impact your community, change hearts and save lives.  Maybe you feel frustrated or angry.   Channel that emotion, that frustration and allow it to make a difference by supporting the Pro Life Union as we affirm the sanctity of life through our activities.

Together, we will continue to speak  in defense of the unborn by standing witness at abortion facilities and offering tangible help and support so that every woman can choose life. 

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