Abortion in United States of America

The Abortion Industry

In June of 2012, in response to the horrific Kermit Gosnell Case a new set of regulations “ACT 122” went into effect requiring abortion facilities to be licensed as outpatient surgical centers and subject to regular inspections. 

These Regular Inspection Report are available here. The State Inspections have revealed that the abortion industry fails to comply with state regulations. Over the years, Philadelphia area abortion facilities have “failed to provide a safe and sanitary environment,” and reports reveal “dirty instruments,” and “darkened stains on patient benches,” among other safety and health violations. 

The Abortion Industry is a business, built on disregard for human life. “In 2014, there were 32,126 abortions performed in Pennsylvania”  and according to the 2015 Facility Report compiled based on the individual reports from facilities, there were 16,163 Abortion performed in Greater Philadelphia.

This Link provides details about Pennsylvania abortion Law, while the following is a brief summary.

    -Parental Consent is required for un emancipated minors
    -Informed Consent:   women must be given information about the gestation and development of her baby, the physical dangers of abortion and the alternatives available which would include financial assistance if she bears the child.  Women can refuse this information but it must be made available 24 hours prior to the procedure.
     -Late Term Abortion: Abortion is until 24 weeks when it is available only if a mother’s life is in danger or pregnancy could cause serious impairment


Some Facts About Abortion in the USA

"In the United States, about half of all pregnancies are unintended; of all unintended pregnancies, 4 in 10 are aborted." — Operation Rescue

"On average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: 3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 3/4 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner." — AGI

"Women give an average of 3.7 reasons why they are seeking an abortion including the following: 21% Inadequate finances; 21% Not ready for responsibility; 16% Woman’s life would be changed too much; 12% Problems with relationships, unmarried; 11% Too young and/or immature; 8% Children are grown; she has all she wants." — Operation Rescue

"Induced abortions usually result from unintended pregnancies, which often occur despite the use of contraception." — Centers for Disease Control

"The U.S. has one of the highest abortion rates (19.4 per 1,000) among western industrialized nations." — Operation Rescue

"Some 80 percent of Americans believe that third-trimester abortions should be illegal — but only 19 percent of Americans say that they could only support a candidate who shared their views on abortion, while 28 percent say that abortion is not a major issue to them and about half say that it is one important issue among many." — National Review

"Oral contraceptives, the most widely used reversible method of contraception, carry failure rates of 6 to 8% in actual practice." — NAF

"40% of minors having an abortion report that neither of their parents knew about the abortion" — AGI

"In 2010, 80.5% of reported abortions were accomplished by curettage, which are suction procedures that include dilatation and evacuation. Medical abortions made up approximately 17.8% of all abortions reported." — CDC

"51% of U.S. women obtaining abortions are younger than 25; women aged 20-24 obtain 33% of all U.S. abortions, and teenagers obtain 18%" — AGI

"37% of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant, and 28% identify themselves as Catholic." — AGI

"Blacks comprise only 13% of the population of America but account for 37% of all abortions; Black women are five times more likely to abort than white women." — Operation Rescue

"Less than 1% of all abortions take place because of rape and/or incest." — Operation Rescue

"Planned Parenthood, the largest seller of abortions in the United States, has located 80% of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, disproportionally targeting minorities for abortion." — Operation Rescue

"In 2009, the average cost of a nonhospital abortion with local anesthesia at 10 weeks of gestation was $451." — AGI

"In 2011, 17% of legal induced abortions occurred in California." — AGI

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